Feature walls are out but feature art is in. Large art will set the colour scheme for your whole room. With this in mind, it would be best to choose the large pieces of furniture and your floor rug with this the colour palate in mind ensuring the art is the stand-out. You can then balance out the room with additional pieces such as cushions and accessories to tie the whole look together. Making sure to not get too matchy matchy but drawing inspiration from the colours and tones in the art.


Choose your feature piece of art for the mood you want to create in the room; blues and greys create a tranquil and calming space; greens and browns for a homely and welcoming space; a mono theme for an executive and minimalistic space; bright and bold for a upbeat family or entertaining space.



One large piece of art creates impact as does two medium pieces. Whether that be a matching set spaced with a 10 to 20cm gap between them (scale and proportion is everything!) on the same wall or layering a complimentary smaller piece in front of a larger piece to add depth and dimension when leaning art and not hanging. The first option is great for a very large wall too as it will can create an even larger feature especially when using two of the largest pieces together.




To create a more formal look, match the frames and have a complimentary set of two pieces. For a more relaxed feel to the room try having complimentary frames but not identical. For drama, have a single large piece of art as the only statement on a wall with no additional furniture items to distract from its impact.


There is no right or wrong except to ensure the scale of the art is right for the room and wall size to create the mood you are after. Have some fun with the process of choosing by creating a mood board to see if the pieces you like work together and then also consider your frame types.


Thanks to the team at Shift Property Styling for their advice here.