Making sure you select the right entertainment unit is critical, especially with the various gizmos and gadgets most households have today. 


First choice is size. Entertainment units tend to come in standard sizes ranging from 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm, 1800mm 2000mm and larger. Measure the location you have well keeping in mind the space cables take up at the back of the unit and any skirting boards, fireplaces or other obstacles in the room. 


You'll also need to determine what size TV you are planning to use on the unit, there is no point trying to cram a 55" TV on a 1200mm entertainment unit. The scale will look completely at odds. 


Your next choice is looking at the practicality of the piece for the equipment you need to store such as a gaming console, amplifier, soundbar etc. Make sure all the elements can be stored


Lastly, the colour finish. Popular options are oak, white, black and more recently colour tones such as olive green. Pick something that works well with your decor and existing finishes in the home. 


Thanks to the team at Shift Property Styling for their advice here.