Picking the right artwork can be a difficult task. 

The content, size and frame type all play a huge part in getting the right piece for your home. 


Start with the content first. This ensures the core look and feel matches in with your existing decor and the style you are going for in your home. There are so many styles from modern floral, black and white, abstract, landscape and fauna. 


Select a piece that integrates with the rest of home and then determine the placement for the artwork. Will it be hung on a wall? Will it be a 'leaner' on a shelf or buffet? Make sure you measure the space to ensure it fits into the scheme of the room comfortably to be either a hero piece or background piece.  



Frame type is important because it brings the artwork together with the rest of your styling. An oak frame adds warm to the artwork, a white frame adds a crisp clean feel and a black frame as sophistication and depth to the artwork (particularly for mono pieces). 


Bringing all these elements together means you are purchasing a piece of artwork that will last with you and your style for years to come. 


Thanks to the team at Shift Property Styling for their advice here.