A dining table is one of those pieces of furniture that has to be perfect in your home. It's a spot to catch up on the day's news with family, entertain guests and get those late school assignments or work projects done. 


The first decision to be made is size and shape. Measure your space before buying and take into consideration how much room chairs take up when they are under the table and when they are pulled out. Generally speaking, dining tables come in 900mm and 1000mm widths. You can of course locate smaller ones and larger ones, but this standard measurement is a good rule of thumb. 


The length of the table depends on how much space you have in the room and how many guests you are likely to need to seat. An 1800mm table is usually for up to 6 people, anything beyond this length (2000mm, 2100mm, 2200mm or more) usually seats 8 to 10 chairs.  


Think about the surface you want on the table too. Concrete works well (but is heavy and prone to chipping), glass is great to allow light through in smaller spaces (but really shows little fingerprints up) and timber really is the ideal choice as it warms the room and is easily maintained. 


An important element in your decision is whether a chair fits at each head of the table too, this is important if you are looking to maximise your seating. 


Beyond everything else, making sure the table fits your internal decor and style is paramount.


Thanks to the team at Shift Property Styling for their advice here.